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Nabi Music is an online music education network. Nabi Music provides an innovative music learning experience for children. Nabi allows parents to connect with qualified instructors worldwide and provides unique features that motivate parents' involvement in their children's musical path.

We recommend at least 4.

We have three lesson packages: The Artist, includes 4 lessons, The Maestro, includes 8 lessons, and The Virtuoso, includes 12 lessons. Our instructors set their own rate, thus the price per lesson depends on the instructor's rate. Go to our instructors list to find your instructor.

Online via Zoom.

30 mins.

Yes. We have a background check feature that instructors can use to easily purchase a background check. Instructors with a verified background check have a background check badge on their profile.

We run background checks and ask for references. Instructors are also reviewed by other students. Explore their profiles to find the right fit.

Yes. Every new student gets a free lesson.

Yes. All age groups are welcome to use our services.

A: You can take lessons in the comfort of your home. You will need a device with a camera and microphone and good internet connectivity to meet with your instructor. This article has great tips on how to prepare for online music lessons.

Yes. For every student you invite, you get $5 in cash when they purchase their first lesson package. For every instructor you invite, you get $5 when they successfully teach a lesson.

Our instructors can teach a wide range of musical instruments including voice, piano, drums, guitar, violin, saxophone and more. Checkout our instructors list to learn more.

Not at the moment. Students should have their own instruments.

Online via Zoom.

We are based in New York and operate mostly online. Our instructors are from all over the country and even other places in the world, such as Canada, Italy and even Egypt. Lessons take place online via Zoom.

To change your instructor you can contact us using the chat widget, or by emailing us at info@nabimusic.com.

Yes. All age groups are welcome to use our services.

You can pay online using your credit or debit card.

We have over 700 music instructors who teach from classical to rock and roll!. See our nstructors list to learn more.

Nabi Music Instructors will advise their students in what books to buy. Students are expected to have their own instrument at time of instruction.

Students get the free trial when they first sign up. They will be paired with an instructor who has agreed to participate in a free trial lesson.

The trial is 30 minutes long, and it is a chance for you to meet your instructor and share your goals.

Online via Zoom.

The instructor grades the student and the students or parents can decide to continue lessons with the instructor with one of our lesson plans.

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