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Nabi Music is an online music education network. Nabi Music provides an innovative music learning experience for children. Nabi allows parents to connect with qualified instructors worldwide and provides unique features that motivate parents' involvement in their children's musical path.

Start by signing up and building your profile. Visit our list of jobs and submit your application. After applying you may be assigned to a student.

Online via Zoom.

You set your own lesson rate.

To find students, you must complete the Instructor Registration.

We are really glad that you are part of our community. We are currently working on different marketing strategies to capture more students. As soon as someone books a lesson with you, we will notify you. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep in touch by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Students get the free trial when they first sign up. They will be paired with an instructor who has agreed to participate in a free trial lesson.

The trial is 30 minutes long, and it is a great chance for you to introduce yourself and introduce the basics of the instrument and your lesson plan.

No. This is a free lesson, it gives the student and instructor a chance to get to know each other, see the students level and develop a relationship.

Online via Zoom. You and the student will be sent an email before your lesson with a Zoom link. Make sure to have a reliable device to participate.

The instructor grades the student and the students or parents can decide to continue lessons with the instructor with one of our lesson plans.

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